HD Pai Dr. Hrishikesh Pai
M.D, F.C.P.S, F.I.C.O.G.

Gynecologist & infertility specialist, Vice President of The India Society of Assisted Reproduction, President of the Mumbai, Gynecological Society(2008), President of the Indian association of Gynecological Endoscopists (2007-2009). He is practicing ART from the last 16 years.

Unlike many other Doctors practising infertility, Dr. Pai is a versatile and complete Doctor. He not only is a Practising IVF Doctor, but is also an Academician, A professional Leader and a Social worker.

Dr. Pai’s has the distinction of personally performing more than 10,000 embryo transfers in the past 20 years of practice as an IVF doctor. His initial exposure to IVF came when he was associated with the team from KEM hospital and G S Medical college Mumbai, which had the privilege of delivering India’s first IVF baby (officially India”s second IVF baby). At that time(1984) he was the Registrar in the unit responsible for the birth. Subsequently, in 1990, he did his Clinical Fellowship at the Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne Australia.This unit had the distinction of delivering the second IVF baby of Australia. This unit was subsequently called Melbourne IVF and presently is the part of a large IVF group called IVF Australia.

Dr. Pai got trained in ICSI in 1995 at the Az vub IVF centre at the Brussels Free university which had the distinction of delivering the first ICSI baby of the world. He subsequently got trained in Pre implantation Genetic diagnosis at the Verlinsky Institute in Chicago USA & the University College Hospital London which was one of the world leaders in PGD In 2007.

Dr. pai received training in vitrification at the Kato clinic in Tokyo Japan again a pioneer in the field. At the same time Dr. Pai registered for the Prestigious Masters Degree in Clinical Embryology and Andrology at the Jones Institute, Eastern Virginia Medical school USA. This institute is responsible for delivering the first IVF baby of USA. After successfully acquiring the Msc Degree in 2009, Dr. Pai was appointed as the Assistant adjunct Professor in Clinical embryology and andrology at the Jones institute USA.

As an Academician