About BTA

Internationally, reproductive medicine generally, and IVF in particular, is an area in which the India is world-leading. For us at Bloom Training Academy, Education and Training is one of our most important activities and we aim to offer something for members from any professional background and any stage in their careers.

Careers in fertility are exciting and immensely rewarding, but there are many choices to be made along the way about what you should do to improve your expertise. We can all benefit from friendly independent advice every now and then and BTA has experts in every area related to modern fertility practice. This includes senior nurses, scientists and counselors, as well as clinicians, all of whom have a wealth of experience to share. 

This module will explore the many aspects of practical IVF (including ICSI, and PGD) and the factors that affect it. A feature of the module will be the presentation of similar issues from different perspectives e.g. that of the clinician, the counselor and the laboratory manager. 

A career as a scientist in reproductive medicine (e.g. clinical embryologist) is a popular path. The proposed module aims to address the specific goal of training prospective clinical embryologists in how to perform their operational tasks. This module will also give students a realistic expectation of the likelihood of them excelling in, and enjoying this popular career path. This module will thus explore the basics of lab technique and good practice, pipette handling, egg collection and in-vitro maturation, sperm assessment, insemination, ICSI, embryo grading, assisted hatching, spreading and preimplantation diagnosis. For obvious reasons embryos from non-human model species (e.g. mouse, bovine, pig) will be used. Specifically

• Referral categories for IVF

• The IVF laboratory

• IVF and ICSI 

• Pre implantation Diagnosis and Screening

• Careers in reproductive medicine

• Practical course

In addition to this we organize the Mentor-ship scheme, an informal scheme that allows BTA students to link up with someone who will give advice and support.